December 28, 2017
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  Recruiting professionals sometimes need new ATSes. Do you? Answer these three questions to find out: 1. Do you want an ATS that feels rich, layered and dynamic? 2. That automatically analyzes your business data? 3. That frequently upgrades with new apps and smart dashboards? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, congratulations! You’re

October 5, 2017
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When recruiters discuss applicant tracking software, user experience is a term that gets thrown around casually. But what does it mean? What should recruiters and recruiting professionals look for in a user experience—just the visual interface, or is there something deeper at play? Steve Jobs, Apple’s titan of a CEO, famously said, “Most people make

July 19, 2017
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It might seem obvious that the most important aspect of staffing business growth is the acquisition of new clients—but is it true? Some recruiters and salespeople in the staffing industry might think so, but in the long run, retaining clients might be what you want to emphasize. Though client acquisition might mean higher revenue right

June 30, 2017
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  The Top Staffing Software Participates in a Business Competition Each year, the University of South Florida’s College of Business collaborates with several other Floridian business schools—University of Florida, University of Miami and more—in conducting the ‘Florida Intercollegiate Business Case Competition.’ Participating Colleges of Business send their top students to Tampa to evaluate a case

June 27, 2017
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                Most recruiters know President Trump’s attempt to revitalize the US economy is well underway. He’s pledged to revamp the Labor Department’s apprenticeship program and is making bold moves elsewhere in the economy, all in the names of creating jobs. Recently, he met with some of tech’s top

June 26, 2017
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                By Donna Moores Future Challenges In Recruitment The workforce of tomorrow will be different than the workforce of today. It might not be as big of a difference as it is between the workforces of the 1950s and the 2010s, but the change will still be there.

June 22, 2017
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Whether or not you agree with his policies, it’s hard for recruiters deny that President Trump is making bold moves on jobs and regulations. In his recent remarks before an audience of top American CEOs, the President stressed that bringing back manufacturing jobs is his administration’s priority—a process that will involve lowering taxes, reforming the tax

May 25, 2017
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When you look at how ATSes compare, users conclude that JobDiva is the winner in essentially every category. How Do I Find the Top Applicant Tracking System? Every recruiter wants to know which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) delivers the most value. What if there were a way to objectively weigh the pros and cons of