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I oversee PR activity here at CV-Library and this involves anything from planning our upcoming stories, picking up the phone to journalists and brainstorming ideas with the team for future news. We also look after the communications side of marketing, which involves a lot of copywriting across various different areas including award entries, company and trade show presentations, whitepapers and so on.

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How JobDiva’s ATS Can Boost Your Hiring Efforts

Posted by Augusta Henning on Apr 23, 2019 4:31:55 PM

Applicant Tracking Software Powering Success

Advances in recruitment technology continue apace.

The products and services offered by software innovators make the lives of hiring professionals much easier.

JobDiva provides an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and a suite of related solutions.

If you aren’t sure what an ATS is, essentially it’s a tool that automates the entire recruitment process, capturing candidate information along the way. You can then use this information to review and manage candidates and rank them in order of relevancy.

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