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Recruiting Automation Software: Embrace JobDiva and Free Yourself

Posted by JobDiva on Aug 30, 2019 12:06:18 PM

recruiting automation -- a boat and some waves

Bloomberg reports that, in a survey of 2,000+ workers in Europe and North America, respondents say they would rather be replaced in their jobs by robots than other humans. The article goes on to speculate about the best ways our society can deal with automation. If technology may cause disruption in the job market, as many experts suggest, then what is the right approach to integrating it into the workplace? In this post, we'll specifically be addressing recruiting automation and its effects.

JobDiva—Liberating Recruiters

“Automation can go smoothly,” writes Bloomberg, “when people don’t feel replaced at all, but rather liberated.”

That’s an excellent statement of one of JobDiva’s core business values. JobDiva liberates the recruiter from manual tasks, like sourcing candidates and building shortlists, so that he or she can focus on placing candidates in the right roles.

Recruiters “get to spend more time doing things where their skills really matter”—meaningful activities, like engaging with candidates, building relationships and filling roles.

JobDiva provides a firm base of automation on which to construct relationships and find the right talent. In a world of solutions that cannot keep pace with today’s staffing market, JobDiva makes you a race winner.

By automating the tasks that slow recruiters down, JobDiva liberates them to recruit with passion and command. They feel happier, more fulfilled and more effective, leaving work each day knowing that their software solution, JobDiva, has helped them meet and exceed their standard of success.

This is the potential of recruiting automation software—to create a better work-life balance, and to enhance both work and life. It is what JobDiva’s automation does. 

With JobDiva at their fingertips, recruiting teams find that they are capable of growing faster than competitors.

JobDiva's Automation: a Win-Win

JobDiva models how to automate for people. Recruiters win, knowing that they’re free to work at their most accurate and engaged. Candidates win, too, since JobDiva means recruiters can find more jobs for more applicants. JobDiva is a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Ready to see how that win-win looks in real life? Request a demonstration today. Join the future with JobDiva.

Update: Stay Agile in Dynamic Times

Recruiting automation can help you "lean in" to a fast-moving market. When you're automating the repetitive parts of the recruitment process, recruiters can focus on staying agile, organized and engaged. The redundant work gets done automatically, without the need for human intervention. Account managers and recruiters thrive. 

At times when remote work is the mode of the day, you should talent management and applicant tracking systems that can fulfill the needs of remote productivity. 

Recruiting automation gets the administrative, repetitive work out of the way so you can focus on profitability and fast recruiting. Whether that means automating sourcing or parts of the on-boarding process, it always means a smoother and more efficient work process for recruiters.

Remote teams have a much easier time when they're automating recruiting with cloud-based systems, not legacy systems. Explore JobDiva, the leading Platform as a System (PaaS) for recruiting, by requesting a demo below:

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