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If It's Not in JobDiva, It Doesn't Exist

Posted by JobDiva on Mar 15, 2019 5:16:00 PM

Your recruiting organization needs a new ATS. You start your research and soon discover that many ATSs advertise their ability to integrate with other software and third-party applications. You are told that these integration abilities will help your organization.  What these ATSs don’t tell you is that they simply have not devoted the time and resources to develop these features within their own solution.

Many times, you have run into products that require other components in order to work properly. You know from experience that these products require a lot of daunting, cumbersome work on your part. You waste time, money, and internal resources trying to implement integrations that may take years to complete – and are sometimes never completed at all.

If your company needs a new ATS, what you need is a holistic solution – a solution that enables you to perform all your important tasks without having to integrate with third-party add-ons.

Speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality can only be achieved in a streamlined, homogeneous solution developed with the big picture and the entire process in mind.

JobDiva is built on these exact principles. JobDiva aggregates jobs, syncs your jobs database with your client’s vendor management system, and seamlessly integrates your jobs fulfillment database into your recruitment, CRM and financial processes, boosting your organization’s capacity to serve client needs. JobDiva’s patented search and match technology automatically identifies the pool of most qualified and relevant candidates, enabling your recruiters to focus on pre-qualifying candidates for jobs. As a result, recruiters can find and submit candidates with unmatched speed without sacrificing quality.

From candidate application through onboarding and hiring, JobDiva streamlines your worfklow and delivers peerless capabilities and effectiveness. When your candidates fill out time cards online, JobDiva stores this information for you and handles your invoicing – bottom line, you’ll never have to turn to another app. By placing recruitment, sales, back office and management into a single intuitive workflow, JobDiva’s unique, patented technology empowers you and sets you above the competition.

Third-party add-ons may seem dazzling, but they often create more trouble than they’re worth. A holistic solution such as JobDiva streamlines all of your organization’s tasks and contains them within a single solution. It’s no wonder that our clients say, “if it’s not in JobDiva, it doesn’t exist.”

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