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How JobDiva’s ATS Can Boost Your Hiring Efforts

Posted by Augusta Henning on Apr 23, 2019 4:31:55 PM

Applicant Tracking Software Powering Success

Advances in recruitment technology continue apace.

The products and services offered by software innovators make the lives of hiring professionals much easier.

JobDiva provides an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and a suite of related solutions.

If you aren’t sure what an ATS is, essentially it’s a tool that automates the entire recruitment process, capturing candidate information along the way. You can then use this information to review and manage candidates and rank them in order of relevancy.

Certain innovations make recruitment far simpler and less time-consuming. In particular, the ability to track applications made directly through job boards like Resume-Library is extremely beneficial.

If you’re not sure whether an ATS is right for you, here’s our advice on how an ATS can boost your hiring efforts. Though the major players in recruitment technology, in this case JobDiva, offer much more than an ATS, the following will focus on the Applicant Tracking side of the equation.

Job Posting

It goes without saying that posting your jobs across various job sites will help to give your vacancy an added boost. But, you may grow tired of the monotonous task of individually uploading your vacancy on each site. Well, ATSes such as JobDiva’s take the hassle out of this, giving you time to focus on other areas of the hiring process, such as recruiting more strategically.

In fact, with an ATS such as JobDiva’s, you can post your jobs across multiple job boards, with just one click. As a result, your role will receive more exposure and, ultimately, more applications.

Alongside this, once you start to see applications come in, your ATS can track these and match candidates based on how well they match the criteria of your job posting. Ultimately, this means you’ll identify the best talent, faster, so you can reduce your time to hire, saving costs and boosting your process.

Build Talent Pools for the Future

Using an ATS such as JobDiva’s when hiring is that it gives you the ability to build talent pools for the future. It stores all of your candidate data in one easily searchable database, and even “parses” resumes to set up candidate profiles – so you don’t have to look through cluttered resumes.

This “pooling” provides a great benefit for time-poor hiring professionals that are under pressure to fill roles, quickly.

Pooling will make your hiring processes much easier as you’ll already have a number of great candidates to refer to. All you will have to do is go back to the system and do a search.

Automate Other Areas of Hiring

In addition to job posting and resumes searching, many ATSes, such as JobDiva’s, have additional features such as the ability to send out automated emails. This means that you can send out offer letters and customise email templates and email campaigns to send to applicants/candidates.

As a result, such systems can improve your communication with candidates and make your hiring process a lot easier. High-quality communication tools are of the utmost importance.

Ready to boost your hiring efforts with an ATS?

Overall, in the current market it’s important to do all you can to target candidates. With its ease of use and ability to integrate with job boards, an ATS such as JobDiva’s can be a brilliant tool to aid your recruitment methods.

Additionally, JobDiva’s ATS partners with job boards like Resume-Library directly, aggregating candidates in your database and parsing those resumes for criteria like skills, location and more.


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