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What Makes Great Global Talent Management in 2017

Posted by JobDiva on Mar 15, 2019 5:25:10 PM


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Updated, July 2019: Since we initially published this post, it has become clear that recruiting professionals are seeking automation for tasks such as sourcing, candidate care and job posting. This is evidenced in Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) recently published “North America Internal Staff Survey 2019,” in which recruiting and hiring professionals provided a “wishlist,” via survey, for task automation. Clearly, organizations which procure the software which automates for these tasks will win the future.

JobDiva provides such a product—the leading platform on the planet for Talent Acquisition innovators, leaders and thought leaders.

Read on to learn more about Global Talent Management in today’s world.


Imagine becoming a more effective recruiter than you’ve ever even considered being. Imagine becoming one of the top global talent managers, and try to think of how it feels to go home every day knowing that you’re among the very best. The summits of success aren’t as far away as you may think. Here’s how you can get there

1. Keep an Eye on Technology – Excellent global talent management requires strategy, innovation, and an ability to see solutions on the fly, but it also demands access to the industry’s top tools. Staffing professionals should always have their eyes on the role of technology in the staffing industry. Think about it this way: when you have the best technology at your fingertips, you leave work feeling the happiness and fulfillment entailed by a greater feeling of financial comfort. That’s what every recruiter is after, and the top staffing technology will get you there.

Which tech solution will help you reach a “Zen” balance of happiness and success? JobDiva is built from the ground up to economize on time and boost effectiveness so that, after you log off for the day, you’ll feel almost giddy from your lack of stress and sense of success. Indeed, JobDiva’s most revolutionary tech advancements—and there are many—are meant to achieve just that result: happiness.

2. Save Time on Tedious Tasks – Top staffing professionals rarely spend time on tasks that feel tedious, because these tasks are trivial when it comes to their primary goals: to maximize success and live the best lives they can. They don’t tend to file papers, manually enter data, or linger on other tasks that don’t contribute to the bottom line.

But how do they reach that point? The answer is simple: JobDiva, which is designed as a solution that accounts for every bit of tedium a recruiter experiences throughout his or her day. Virtually every imaginable task that doesn’t require your creativity and human input can be performed in advance by JobDiva, so that your time and energy will be freed up to focus on leaping past the competition.

With JobDiva, you have free reign to focus on the tasks and duties that will push your career forward the farthest and fastest.

3. Maintain Work-Life Balance – There’s one last criteria for great global talent management: the strict maintenance of a positive work-life balance. Top recruiters don’t let work get in their way when they need to relax, turn off and enjoy life; conversely, they don’t bring the stress of their home lives into the office. How do they separate one half of their lives from the other? We all know that some nights it feels impossible not to bring your work stress home.

The staffing professionals with the most consistent work-life balances use JobDiva to make sure that when they leave the office, they feel so satisfied with their performance that they can leave work where it belongs: at  their desks.

JobDiva is bursting with resources that guarantee you use all of your potential each day, giving each cog and wheel in your brain the space they need to turn and furnish creative solutions, but you’ll feel so fulfilled that you’ll end the day not tired, but happy. Don’t be surprised if, when no one is watching, you click your heels from sheer pride at all you’ve accomplished. No need to worry—that’s just the JobDiva effect.

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