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Flexible Staffing Solutions: 5 Must Haves

Posted by JobDiva on Mar 15, 2019 5:27:26 PM

Does your company specialize in flexible staffing solutions? If so, being organized is perhaps one of the most difficult and important part of your service model. However, with the right knowledge, you can set a system that works well for you.

1. Know Who’s Certified

When a new client calls for up and coming talent, you need to know which of your workers are qualified for the position. Have a system in place where you can immediately pull personnel based on their certifications and licenses.

2. Set Alerts for Everything

In the flexible staffing services industry, everything can change at a moments notice so set up your system to send alerts for major events like:

  • Licenses or certifications are going to expire
  • Changes in work assignments
  • Changes in talent availability

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3. Fast Submission Packages

You’ve probably got all the information you need from your talent pool regarding their resumes and other relevant documents. Next, you’ll need a system for quickly assembling and sending applications/submission packages. This can include basic professional information or email templates for job responses.

4. Set a Calendar for Schedules and Assignments

Make a calendar to keep track of the assignments, unavailability, client talent demands and anything else that will fit. Consider making administrative calendars for the staffing team and other calendars for your talent schedules and assignments.

5. Give Your Talent (Limited) Access to the Calendar

Your employees should have access to the assignment calendar. Allow your talent to view their assignments, reject assignments and/or mark their unavailability. Of course, keep administrative privileges to the staffing team.

Conquer the flexible staffing industry with the right organization and software system behind you. Pinpoint your exact needs and design a system around what you need now and in the future. What are you waiting for? Assemble your team and start devising an excellent management system for your company!

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