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Business Texting for Recruiters

Posted by JobDiva on Jul 24, 2019 11:04:51 AM


Business Texting for Recruiters - ATS JobDiva


Business Technology Today

Today, technology and business move extremely fast. I mean, extremely fast, on a global scale.

Globalization means we can conduct business on both sides of the globe. Think of it like a chain reaction. As certain things in business and technology change, related things change, too. With the global economy, these changes ping-pong across the globe faster than they ever have. We’re interconnected.

Recruiter and Candidate Texting

Put yourself in the candidate’s position. You’re busy, hustling from meeting to meeting, or errand to errand. You’re much more likely to return a short text message than a phone call and voicemail. Sure, excessive texting can feel like “too much.” As the famous computer programmer Ray Tomlinson puts it, “If you’re looking for ways of getting quick communication, maybe texting is the way to go.”

He’s right. According to Deloitte, 18.7 billion text messages are sent every day, on a global level.

The Uses of Recruiter-to-Candidate Texting

When it comes to recruiting, texting can actually shorten your time to fill. Again, put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. If a recruiter keeps calling me, I’ll start ignoring his or her calls. Or I’ll start feeling like the recruiter doesn’t care about my time.

But if he or she takes the time to craft a message to me, it will make me feel cared for. It will also make me feel that the recruiter respects my free time enough to let me respond when I have a moment. Therefore, I’ll feel more engaged, and I’ll work harder to get and retain my position.

It’s like a positive feedback loop. If the recruiter puts out positivity, via texting, that will create positive effects and feelings for the candidate.

So, business texting can help up your fill rate. Clearly it’s not the sole thing to focus on, but it can definitely boost your talent acquisition operations. Also, texting is a great opportunity to coach candidates on interview etiquette, attire, tips, and so on. It’s important to be there for your talent—to let your candidates know that you’re rooting for them. Business texting helps unlock this possibility.

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