The staffing and recruitment industry is going from strength to strength. With a projected annual growth of 4%, and predicted revenue of $145 billion in 2017, it’s clear that more and more businesses are outsourcing their hiring and recruitment needs. That’s no surprise – The hiring economy is changing. Embedded HR departments have to adapt fast to keep up, or outsource their hiring needs to experts.

Although recruitment for permanent positions remains strong, it’s in the temporary, contract, and freelance roles that we’re seeing the biggest changes. With the move towards technology, rapid product development, and discrete, project-based roles, the need for highly-skilled contractors has never been higher. That’s reflected in the stats – The IT and engineering sectors between them account for over 50% of all placements (39% for IT, 16% for engineering). Healthcare and financing are rapidly expanding too, accounting for 16% and 14% of placements respectively. The workforce is changing fast, from traditional operations and office-based positions to highly-mobile knowledge work, often from virtual teams spread across the country or around the world.

Certainly, our clients are generating huge revenues from technical, healthcare, finance, and legal placements. This ever-expanding need for skilled professionals with talent to match means your recruitment agency needs to step up its game. JobDiva recruitment software will help you keep up and empower you to make the most of every hiring opportunity. Try JobDiva today – You may never go back.


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  • Over the next year, recruiters, both in-house and agency, are going to be given the opportunity to use the data they create for actionable intelligence. Until now we have focused our data analysis on the source of a hire, how long it takes to hire someone and the more advanced have been using data to remove blockers in the recruitment process.

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