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2 Tech Trends for 2020

Posted by JobDiva on Feb 11, 2020 10:29:41 AM

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It is irrefutable that technology is hugely important to society and business today.

We see the effects everywhere. In medicine, in accounting, in how we interact. There is scarcely a corner of our lives left untouched by technology, for better or worse. Though in business, it’s generally for better.

2020 is set to be one of the biggest years yet for smart technology. What upgrades and advances can we expect to see? Especially changes that could affect all business sizes—small, medium and large enterprises?

Here are 2 tech trends to watch for in 2020.

1. 5G /Internet of Things:

5G if the fifth generation of cellular network technology. Not only is 5G much faster than previous cellular generations, but it will finally make possible the industrial Internet of Things (automated wireless factories and similar manufacturing zones), machines talking to each other to get things done, smart homes and cars and much more that has been promised for years.

In 2020, 5G will begin to be a reality, altering the way that we work and communicate. While in the span of one year we might not see 5G take hold across the world, expect to see businesses begin to incorporate 5G into their plans, processes and operations. With less latency and faster speeds, 5G makes candidate engagement much easier, for instance with video interviewing and quick document transmission.

2. Backing-Up on Social Media

Over the past few years, there’s been a groundswell of opinion saying that social media is the next frontier in recruiting and staffing. Now, organizations are starting to backpedal on that as they see that candidates want to spend their time on social networks, well—being social, and not applying for positions.

Additionally, there is a new skepticism around social networks’ privacy policies that staffing organizations will not want to avoid being associated with. This skepticism is enshrined in recent regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR, and there are definitely more to come. Watch this space for any news.

In 2020, organizations will pare back their use of social media. They will make sure that their use of social media is as focused, compelling and powerful as possible.

Conclusion: There are fascinating advances underway in business technology. For 2020, find and embrace staffing technology platforms that keep you far ahead of the curve, and ensure you have a major competitive edge. Among such platforms, JobDiva is the better choice..

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